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Tips On How To Clean Your House For A Home Builder

The first thing that you need to do if you want to make your house ready for the renovation team is that it should be clean. These cleaning tips will also be advisable for those who are planning to sell your house and you want to make it ready for the buyers. Here are twenty tips on for you to perfectly clean your house the easy and most effective ways.

From top to bottom
If you are planning to have a general cleaning then you should understand that you should start from the top going to the bottom of the house. Work your way down from the attic if you have any to the stair going down to the kitchen area.

Window-Cleaning solution
The easiest and most effective way to clean your window and leave them dust free and shining is to use a window cleaning solution. All you need to do is a spray bottle composed of one part water and one part white vinegar. Shake the bottle so that the solution will be properly dissolved. You can use a sponge or a cotton cloth to prevent any scratch.

The next thing that you will do is to just spray the window with the window-cleaning solution.

Wiping the windows
The best wipes to be used if you are cleaning windows are cleaning paper towels or newspapers. Change the newspaper or cleaning towel as often as needed. Note that there are cleaning towels that are reusable and can be purchased at your local groceries.
There are times that wiping the windows with newspaper or towel is not enough, some home builders use buffer to clean out streaks that are hard to remove.
Dusting the walls
Some home builders offer home cleaning service and sometimes it is advisable if you let the professionals do the dirty job. Home builders often use a microfiber cleaning roller for hard to reach areas of the wall. This is sometimes used for newly constructed walls because they are full of dust and sands from the previous construction or renovation.

For a more regular house des moines concrete cleaning you can use vinegar and a drop of dish washing soap in a gallon of water. You can use this solution for almost any spot in your new house. Using vinegar as a cleaner for your newly constructed house is advisable because it is very gentle yet works as an effective cleaner.

If you notice stains that are on your wall then all you have to do is to gently wipe on the stains with the vinegar solution. Remember that your house has a new paint and it will be easily damaged if you use hard cleaners.

Cleaning your bathroom
In cleaning the bathroom, you should start with the tub or the toilet then the shower. Use the cleaning solution you used for the windows and the walls – make sure to clean the inside of the toilet and behind the tank. You can scrub the bathroom floor with the same solution using a sponge and a home cleaning scrub.

Now that you know the easiest way to clean your house, it won’t be a problem to send in the home builder for a renovation.